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HPPCL invite tender for preparation of detail project report of two way passenger ropeway.  13/08/2018
Tender Document for Procurement of Stationery Articles in HPPCL.pdf (568.65 kb)  10/08/2018
HPPCL Invite tender for suppy and installation of 10KVA UPS of GM Sawra-Kuddu HEP  06/08/2018
HPPCL invite tender for Printion & Binding of Procurement Manual Goods.   06/08/2018
HPPCL Inviting Quotation for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of CCTV Video Surveillance System at Sawra Kuddu HEP.pdf (208.38 kb)  04/07/2018
 HPPCL invites Tender for “Consultancy Services for Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Aghlor Solar Power Project.   22/06/2018

Cancellation of CCTV Tender at Sawra Kuddu HEP.pdf (854.56 kb) 

HPPCL Inviting Quotation for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of CCTV Video Surveillance System at Sawra Kuddu HEP. 

Corrigendum-I Regarding Clarifications on alternate Email ID






HPPCL  invite tender for hiring of vehicles for fix monthly charges BCS New Shimla   11/04/2018

HPPCL invite tender for providing production work of army land to be reclaimed by filling of muck from Shongtong-Karcham HEP


Quotation  are invited for Supply and installation of Blue Ray disk and RW in the office of HPPCL.  

HPPCL invites tender for hiring of vehicles for fix monthly charges  BCS NewShimla.


For supply of furniture for centralized testing laboratory extended up 15.03.2018) 17/02/2018
HPPCL invites tender for  Internal Auditors Appointment, FY 17-18  29/01/2018

HPPCL Invite tender for Designing/Upgradation of HPPCL website with Five Years Operation and maintenance.

Reply to queries with respect to designing and upgradation of HPPCL website with 05 years of Operations and Maintenance 


HPPCL invite tender for running of  canteen at Shimla 

Corrigendum-1 Last Date 29.01.2018



NIT for Geological exploration of Right Bank Slope of Shongtong Karchham HEP

        Corrigendum -1.

HPPCL invite tender for supply of furniture according to sepcifications  at Sunder Nagar HEP  4/01/2018
Supply installation and commissioning of Digital signage system installation of monitors /LEDs at powerhouse complex  sainj and Kashang HEP.  29/12/2017
HPPCL invites tender for  procurement of IPS Monitor & Printer    15/09/2017
HPPCL invite tender for deployment of vehicle along with driver Sawra-Kuddu HEP  14/09/2017
Request for proposal from consultancy service for preparation of detail project report Chhattisgarh  8/09/2017
HPPCL invites tender  for CCTV Video Surveillance System installed at Sainj HEP  
HPPCL inviting Quotation for procurement of 1TB External Hard Disk drive. 11/07/2017
HPPCL  Invites tender for  hiring of texies for monthly basis .  

Hppcl invites tender for Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) Support for data centre and Disaster Recovery centre & its Infrastructure. 

IT/AMC(DC&DRC)HPPCLAnnual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Support for Data Centre and disaster recovery centre & its infrastructure at HPPCL



Corrigendum- III   



Corrigendum- V 

Corrigendum-VI   Last Date 12/10/2017



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