Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (HPPCL), was incorporated in December 2006 under the Companies Act 1956, with the objective to plan, promote and organize the development of all aspects of hydroelectric power on behalf of Himachal Pradesh State Government (GoHP) and Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board (HPSEB) in Himachal Pradesh. The GoHP has a 60%, and HPSEB, a 40% shareholding in HPPCL.  

To develop 1111 MW Power generating capacity by March 2017 and; 2400 MW by the year 2022. 

Towards achieving this target HPPCL is engaged with development of several power projects in various parts of the state with a total projected capacity of more than 1000 MW.

So far HPPCL has following Projects in hand:

1 Shongtong Karcham HEP 450 MW
2 Sainj HEP 100 MW
3 Chirgaon Majhgaon HEP 42 MW
4 Sawra Kuddu HEP 111 MW
5 Kashang HEP 243 MW
6 Renuka Ji Dam HEP 40 MW

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HPPCL is a fast upcoming power generating utility with all the Technical and Organizational capabilities at par with other generating companies like NTPC/SJVNL/NHPC. Efforts are afoot to further strengthen the respective departments with professionals of proven credentials and qualified technical manpower.

HPPCL, apart from Hydro Power Development, intends to diversify its power development activities in other areas such as thermal, renewable sources of energy, mainly solar power etc. The basic idea is to have a long term corporate plan for planned implementation of power projects to meet the growing energy demand, ensuring environment and ecological balance for contributing towards the progress and prosperity of the State. HPPCL intends to meet the challenges of dynamically transforming business and environment to build a sustainable relationship with the stakeholders for maximum benefits and economic growth by achieving performance excellence.